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HD Narrow Pixel Pitch LED Screen Video Wall For Commend Security Center / Broadcast Studio

Short Description:

High Refresh Videowall For Command Center / Security / Broadcast Studio……
High contrast and vivid video / flatness and seamless video wall is a good choice to replace LCD or Projector.

Product Detail

P1.25 HD Narrow Pixel Pitch LED Screen (1)

Yonwaytech 16:9 Golden Ratio LED Cabinet Good For 2K / HD / 4K…… Signal Dot To Dot Display.

Die-casting Aluminum Integrated Molding Exquisite craftsmanship demonstrates luxury quality.

With new die-cast aluminum high-strength materials, Precision machined by CNC.

The flatness of the cabinet is up to 0.01mm.

P1.25 HD Narrow Pixel Pitch LED Screen (3)

Seamless Experience

High Resolution LED Display are bezel-free and hence, provide a seamless viewing experience.

No Reflection

One of the biggest advantages is the reflection-free display. Screen reflections are a big problem.

Economical Repairing

In high resolution LED display, single module can be replaced with a the provided spare module ensuring zero downtime.

Immediate Response Time

HD LED Display have a response time of milliseconds, that means in a blink of an eye you can see the changes pushed to the screen.

Better Color Reproduction

High Resolution LED Display technology provides realistic and vibrant colors in addition to high brightness.

P1.25 HD Narrow Pixel Pitch LED Screen (2)

P1.25 HD Narrow Pixel Pitch LED Screen (4)

Efficient Heat Dissipation,Ultra Quiet Operation

High heat dissipation panel processing technology,Fast heat dissipation,Longer life,No panel burns.

Natural heat dissipation,No noise,More suitable for indoor Conference Room applications.

P1.25 HD Narrow Pixel Pitch LED Screen (5)

Power & Signal Redundancy Design.

Supporting dual backup control system, dual backup power supply, automatically switch the video content in the LED screen when it occurring any problems to make sure a stable and reliable performance,.

P1.25 HD Narrow Pixel Pitch LED Screen (6)


Environments like control rooms need close monitoring and will require a fine pixel pitch HD LED Display.

On the other hand, industries like retail, where space is a concern, ultra – slim High Resolution LED Display would be the best choice.

While selecting the size of the display, keep in mind the area of your indoor space.

Large venues like convention halls or control rooms will demand a bigger size screen.

Starting with a pixel pitch that is as low as P1.25, depending on the viewing distance these displays can go up to P1.875. The lesser the viewing distance, the smaller should be the pixel pitch.

P1.25 HD Narrow Pixel Pitch LED Screen (7)

Technical Parameter: Y-HD-600×337.5-V01

Pixel pitch(mm) 0.93 1.25 1.56 1.875 2.5
Pixel Configuration SMD0808 SMD0808/1010 SMD1010 SMD1010 SMD1010
Pixel density(dots/m2 1156203 640000 410897 286225 160000
Module resolution(W×H) 645×363 160×135 128×108 106×90 80×67.5
Module size(mm) 200(W)*168.75(H)
Module weight(kg) 0.4 
Module maximum power consumption 40W
Module of cabinet(W×H) 3*2
Cabinet resolution(W×H) 645×363 480×270 384 x216 320×180 240×135
Cabinet size(mm) 600(W)×337.5(H)×80(D)
Cabinet area(m2 0.2025
Cabinet weight(kg) ≤ 8.0
Cabinet level up degree(mm) ≤ 0.2
Maintenance mode Front
Cabinet raw material Die-casting Aluminum
White Balance Brightness(nits) ≥800(6500K)
Color Temperature (K) 3200—12000(adjustable)
Viewing Angle (Horizontal / Vertical) 160°/160°
Deviation of center distance of light – emitting <3%
Brightness / chromaticity uniformity ≥97%
Contrast 5000:1
Refresh rate (Hz) ≥3840
Number of color processing bits 16bit
Video playback capabilities 2KHD,4KHD
Applicable standards CCC,TUV-CE,ETL

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