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    1.What is a LED display?

    In it’s simplest form,  LED Display is a flat panel made up of tiny red, green and blue LED diodes to visually represent a digital video picture.

    LED displays are used around the world in various forms, such as billboards, at concerts, in airports, way finding, house of worship, retail signage, and so much more.

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    2.What is a led display pixel pitch?

    As it pertains to LED technology, a pixel is each individual LED.

    Each pixel has a number associated with the specific distance between each LED in millimeters — this is referred to as the pixel pitch.

    The lower the pixel pitch number is, the closer the LEDs are on the screen, creating higher pixel density and better screen resolution.

    The higher the pixel pitch, the further away the LEDs are, and therefore the lower the resolution.

    Pixel pitch for an LED display is determined based on location, indoor/outdoor, and viewing distance.

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    3.What are nits in led display brightness?

    A nit is the unit of measure for determining the brightness of a screen, TV, laptop, and similar. Essentially, the larger the number of nits, the brighter the display is.

    The average number of nits for an LED display vary — indoor LEDs are 1000 nits or brighter, whereas outdoor LED starts at 4-5000 nits or brighter to compete with direct sunlight.

    Historically, TVs were lucky to be 500 nits before the technology evolved — and as far as projectors are concerned, they are measured in lumens.

    In this case, lumens are not as bright as nits, therefore LED displays emit a much higher quality picture.

    Something to think about when deciding on your screen resolution with consideration to brightness, the lower the resolution of your LED display, the brighter you can get it.

    This is because as the diodes are further apart, which leaves room for using a larger diode that can increase the nits (or brightness).

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    4.How long does a LED display last?

    Compared to the lifespan of an LCD screen at 40-50,000 hours,

    a LED display is made to last 100,000 hours — doubling the life of the screen.

    This can slightly vary based on usage and how well your display is maintained.

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    5.Digital LED screens vs projector — Which is better?

    More businesses are starting to choose LED screens for their meeting rooms but are they really better than a projector?

    Here are some factors need to consider:

    1. Brightness and image quality:

    A projector screen is some distance from the source of light (the projector), so images lose brightness via the projection process.

    Whereas a digital LED screen is the source of light, so images will appear brighter and more crisp.

    2. Screen size matter:

    Size and resolution of a projected image is limited, whereas the size and resolution of an LED wall is limitless.

    You can choose YONWAYTECH indoor narrow pixel pitch led display with HD, 2K or 4K resolution for an improved viewing experience.

    3. Count the cost:

    A digital LED screen may be more expensive than a projector upfront but consider the cost of replacing a light bulb in an LED screen vs a new light engine in a projector.

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    6.How do I know what LED panel is best for me?

    Deciding on what LED display solution is best for you depends on several factors.

    You need to first ask yourself — will this be installed indoors or outdoors?

    This, right off the bat, will narrow down your options.

    From there, you need to figure out how large your LED video wall will be, what kind of resolution, whether it will need to be mobile or permanent, and how it should be mounted.

    Once you’ve answered those questions, you’ll be able to figure out what LED panel is best.

    Keep in mind, we know that one size does not fit all — which is why we offer custom solutions as well.

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    7.Quality vs price — Which is more important?

    High quality digital LED panels don’t have to cost the earth.

    Due to our excellent and longstanding relationship with our suppliers, you will have access to the latest state-of-the-art technology at a reasonable price.

    At YONWAYTECH LED Display, we understand that our clients need reliable and long-lasting LED screens, so that’s what we are providing.

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    8.How do I send content to control the display?

    When it comes to controlling the content on your LED display, it’s really no different than your TV.

    You utilize the sending controller, connected by various inputs like HDMI, DVI, etc., and plug in whatever device you want to use to send content via the controller.

    This can be an Amazon Fire stick, your iPhone, your laptop, or even a USB.

    It’s incredibly simple to use and function, as it’s technology you’re already using everyday.

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    9.What are considerations when choosing a digital led display solution?

    1. Locations

    Indoors vs outdoors, foot or vehicle traffic, accessibility.

    2. Size

    Consider what sized digital led screen will fit in the space available, ensuring maximum visibility.

    3. Brightness

    The brighter the led screen, the higher the power consumption but too dark and visibility will be an issue, depending on the placement.

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    10.What are the differences between indoor and outdoor led screens?

    Outdoor digital led screens are mostly used for branding and marketing campaigns as they can offer full color display and very high brightness levels.

    And their outside placement usually enlarges their potential audience.

    Outdoor digital led panels come with higher waterproof ratings and are made of more durable materials to withstand harsh environments and high temperatures.

    Indoor LED screens are ideal for indoor applications.

    The indoor digital led display technology is able to offer a more brilliant color spectrum and saturation.

    Below are the factors that show the difference between indoor and outdoor LED screens.

    1. Brightness

    This is one of the most obvious differences between indoor and outdoor LED display screens.

    Outdoor LED screens contain many bright LEDs in one pixel in order to provide ultra-high brightness so that they can compete with glare from the sun.

    Outdoor led displays offer several times more brightness than Indoor LED screens.

    Indoor LED screens are not as affected by the sun, and generally only need to compete with room lighting, so they are less bright by default.

    Yonwaytech indoor led display provide low brightness but same full color and saturation in high refresh rate solution.

    2. External weather conditions

    Outdoor LED screens normally have an IP65 water-proof rating as they need to be leak-proof, waterproof, and dust-proof.

    Yonwaytech outdoor led displays made to be readable in sunlight and resistant to high temperatures.

    Indoor LED screens waterproofing rating usually sits at IP20.

    They don’t require the same resistance to the outside environment.

    3. LED Display resolution choosing

    The pixel pitch (the density or closeness of the pixels) on an LED display, differs between indoor and outdoor display screens.

    Outdoor LED screens have a larger pixel pitch and a lower resolution as they will typically be viewed from further distances.

    Indoor led displays always required small pixel pitch due to the short viewing distance and size limited.

    4. Content Player Hardware & Software

    Hardware and software connect to the LED screen and send the appropriate video and data signals in order to display content.

    The controlling hardware and software varies from comprehensive custom designed systems that allow sophisticated scheduling processes with dynamic data input, to simple and user friendly software with minimal functionality.

    Outdoor 3D LED screens need a rugged outdoor controller hardware for playback purposes.

    This controller generally runs a copyrighted software program which manages the content on the LED screen and also provides remote access and sign diagnostics.

    Indoor LED screens generally have easy and rapid integration with several input resources. These resources include rugged controllers (like on outdoor naked eye 3D LED displays), memory cards, company laptops/PCs, or less expensive controllers which are not rugged.

    The flexibility in controller hardware opens up the option to use a range of software programs from expensive to inexpensive to using none at all.

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    11.How high of resolution led display do I need?

    When it comes to the resolution of your LED display, it’s important to consider a few factors: the size, the viewing distance, and content.

    Without noticing, you can easily exceed 4k or 8k resolution, which is unrealistic in delivering (and finding) content in that level of quality to begin with.

    You don’t want to exceed a certain resolution, because you won’t have the content or servers to drive it.

    Therefore, if your LED display is viewed closer up, you’ll want a lower pixel pitch to output a higher resolution.

    However, if your LED display is very large scale and not viewed up close, you can get away with a much higher pixel pitch and lower resolution and still have a great looking display.

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    12.What does common cathode energy saving led screen mean?

    Common cathode is an aspect of LED technology that is a more efficient way of delivering power to the LED diodes.

    Common cathode gives the ability to control the voltage to each color of the LED diode (Red, Green & Blue) individually so that you can create a more energy-efficient display, and also dissipate heat more evenly.

    We also call it Energy-saving LED display

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    13.What are the benefits of digital led signage from YONWAYTECH?

    1. More efficient

    Digital signage in customer or client waiting areas can provide entertainment and helpful information, making the time seem to pass more quickly.

    2. Revenue increase

    Showcase products and services, special offers and promotions.

    Sell ad space to non-competing businesses and enjoy the extra sales and income.

    Subject to relevant permit approvals mostly.

    3. Improved communication with customers and employees

    LED Digital signage can deliver important news, information and updates to both employees and customers in real-time.

    4. Up-to-date messaging

    Using YONWAYTECH LED signage, advertisers can carefully monitor effectiveness of their campaigns and alter content accordingly within minutes.

    5. First impressions last

    LED Display digital signage outside or inside your business not only catches the eye of potential customers, it gives the distinct impression that your business is savvy and forward thinking.

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    14.What is your production process?

    1. The production department adjusts the production plan when receive the assigned production order at the first time.
    2. The material handler goes to the warehouse to get the materials.
    3. Prepare the corresponding work tools.
    4. After all the materials are ready, LED display production workshop start producing like SMT, wave-soldering,modular back anti-corrosion paint,modular front water proof gluing in outdoor led display,mask screwed,etc.

    5. LED Modules aging test in RGB and fully white with more than 24 hours.

    6. LED Display assembly work with our skilled operators.

    7. LED Display workshop aging test with more than 72 hours aging in RGB and fully white,also video playing.

    8. The quality control personnel will do quality inspection after the final product is produced, and the packaging will start if passing the inspection.
    9. After packaging, the product will enter the finished product warehouse ready to delivery.

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    15.Do You Offer Tech Support?

    Yes, we offer the free technical support including installation, configuration and software setting.

    16.How long is your normal product delivery period?

    For samples, the delivery time is within 5 working days.

    For mass production, the delivery time is 10-15 days after we receiving the prepayment.

    The delivery time will be effective after ① we receive your deposit, and ② we obtain your final approval for your product.

    If our delivery time does not meet your deadline, please check your requirements in your sales.

    In all cases, we will try our best to meet your needs,mostly,YONWAYTECH led display can do best to match your needs.

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    17.How about the shipping fees?

    The shipping cost depends on the way you choose to get the goods.

    Express is normally the quickest but also most expensive way.

    By sea freight is the best solution for big amounts.

    Exactly freight rates we can only give you if we know the details of amount, weight and way.

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    18.What is the Packing Way ?
    1. Polywood Case Packing(Non-Timber).
    2. Flight Case Packing.

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    19.What Payment Method Do you have ?

    We accept Bank Wire Transfer and Western Union Payment.

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    20.What online communication tools does you have?

    Our company's online communication tools include Tel, Email, Whatsapp, Messenger, Skype, LinkedIn, WeChat and QQ.

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    21.What is the product warranty?

    We guarantee our materials and craftsmanship.

    Our promise is to make you satisfied with our products.

    Regardless of whether there is a warranty, our company's goal is to solve and solve all customer problems, so that everyone is satisfied with double win.

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    22.What is your complaint hotline and email address?

    If you have any dissatisfaction, please send your question to info@yonwaytech.com.
    We will contact you within 24 hours, thank you very much for your tolerance and trust.

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    23.All panels and/or monitor screen display video incorrectly or do not display video at all.
    • Incorrect video input or panel settings on Control System
    Check settings (PAL/SECAM/NTSC selection, overall panel intensity setting, etc.)
    • Unusable video signal or defective video source
    Check video source.
    • Fault on Control System
    Inspect connections and cables. Correct poor connections. Repair or replace damaged cables.
    • Device on Control System defective
    Have faulty panel or device tested and serviced by YONWAYTECH service technician or supplier.

    Please contact us for further information.

    24.Display cuts out intermittently.
    • Panel is too hot
    Ensure free airflow around spine. Clean spine.
    Check that ambient temperature does not exceed max, permitted level.
    Contact YONWAYTECH for service.
    • Fault on the control systems
    Inspect connections and cables. Correct poor connections. Repair or replace damaged cables
    25.One LED module cuts out.
    • LED module / cables incorrectly installed and connected.

      Check module / cables. Replace LED module / cables.
    26.LED Panel is completely dead.
    • No power to panel

    Check power and connections.
    • Fuse blown
    Disconnect panel from power. Contact YONWAYTECH for professional service.
    • Defective PSU (power supply unit)
    Disconnect panel from power. Contact YONWAYTECH for professional service.
    27.One or more panels displays video incorrectly or does not display video at all.
    • Incorrect panel settings on Control System

    Check settings (display configuration, panel DeviceProperties, etc.)
    • Fault on Control System connection
    Inspect connections and cables.
    Correct poor connections.
    Repair or replace damaged cables.
    • Panel defective
    Have faulty panel serviced by YONWAYTECH service technician.
    • Other device on Control System defective
    Replace with a device known to be operating correctly.
    Have faulty device tested and serviced.