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Why Do We Say Flip chip led display is the future of displays?

    Flip Chip COB LED as the latest revolution in the LED display industry, and it is considered the future of displays for many reasons. 

COB screen exhibit significant advantages over traditional projectors, primarily in point-to-point display, high brightness, and intelligent brightness adjustment.

By comparing the technical characteristics of regular COB led screen and projectors, the use of COB screen in control room or cinemas not only meets the audience’s demand for high-quality images but also aligns with national standards for video wall management.


In terms of display quality, reliability, and safety, COB led screen has revolutionary advantages over traditional LCD Wall or projectors.


1. High Contrast and Brightness

Flip-Chip COB encapsulation is the chip-level integrated encapsulation.

Excellent display ratio of 16:9 and spliced standard resolution of FHD/4K/8K.

Without the wire bonding, the physical space size is only limited by the size of the light-emitting chip, which can achieve higher

pixel density.


图片 11


With rapid development of flip-chip COB packaging technology, improvements in high refresh rate technology and

low-brightness & high-gray technology for displays ensure that the brightness of LED display screens can maintain complete

grayscale display even when below 500 cd/m².

This ensures that the display screen is not affected by any external environmental factors.

The luminous devices commonly used in COB screen for commend center or cinema often adopt 2020 or even smaller black LED light-emitting chips.

Additionally, the sealing process for display panels involves black color.

Therefore, compared to projection screen, there is a significant improvement in LED screen.


2. Wider Color Gamut

Currently, COB led display screen brightness can easily reach 1000 cd/m².

As surface-emitting, dot-matrix controlled display device, COB screen has an ultra-wide color gamut.


Micro COB HD LED Display


This is attributed to the development of LED light-emitting diode technology, where LED light-emitting chips are selected through

filtering to choose emitting chips with an extremely wide wavelength range. It is done to cover a broader color gamut space.

With CIE-1931 color space standard, the widest color gamut in the current display field is DCI-P3.

The color gamut range of LED screen can easily cover the NTSC color gamut, REC.709 color gamut, and REC.2020 color gamut.

Furthermore, through filtering LED light-emitting chips, it can also achieve coverage of the entire DCI-P3 color gamut.


3. Frameless Design & Higher Stability

Flip chip packaging technology eliminates wire bonding, eliminating the risk of gold wire breakage and simplifying the production process.

Seamless splicing feature of COB screen means no obvious borders between screens, providing audiences a more immersive viewing experience.


55 Inch Gold Contrast seamless led display VESA led wall


In contrast, traditional projection systems or LCD splicing video wall may have visible transitions at the junctions of multiple screens, thereby affecting the overall visual experience.


4. Fast Response Time & Vivid Video Performance

Regarding display performance, the area of the Flip-Chip is smaller on the PCB board, and the duty cycle of the substrate is increased.

It has a larger light-emitting area, which can present a darker black field, higher brightness, and higher contrast Presenting HDR-level display effects.

COB display screens typically have fast response time.


图片 1


Currently, cinema and security center screen solutions based on led display control solution can support frame rates as high as 240Hz, even 360Hz.

It significantly reduces image ghost and blurriness issue, especially when playing high speed scenes with high demands such as action movies.


5. Flexible Installation and Layout

Yonwaytech Flip-chip COB display screens can be flexibly customized and installed according to the specific requirements of

commend center and cinema, adapting to different screen shapes and sizes.

In contrast, traditional projection systems may be constrained by factors such as venue and projection angles.


COB HD FLIP CHIP LED Display Front Service - Yonwaytech LED


6. Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection

COB led display screens based on flip chip energy saving technology, typically have lower energy consumption.

In comparison, traditional projection systems may require more energy to achieve similar brightness levels.

This aligns with the current global focus on energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions.


Flip chip led energy saving technology


Yonwaytech firmly believe that with continuous reduction in prices along the COB screen industry chain and more flip-chip

COB LED screen will rapidly replace traditional projection technology and become the leading force in conference and cinema

screen in end user market,the trend will bring audiences a superior viewing experience in the cinema and drive the entire industry



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