• stadium perimeter sport led display
  • Outdoor fixed advertising led screen p8 SMD high brightness ≥6500nits/sqm.

    3840hz refresh rate and vivid contrast performance make sure your digital led billboard mostly eye catching.

    Energy saving solution 1/3 power consumption saves compared with normal one.
    256mmX128mm module size good for customized iron cabinet with ip65 proof.
    320mmX160mm and 320mmX320mm suitable in a lighter weight 960mmX960mm die-casting alloy aluminum configured ip65 water proof signal and power plugs.
    We provide a reasonable price and reliable service in domestic and overseas markets by our own R&D technical and 13+ years various experience in manufacture and consulting LED display.

    Welcome to contact us for more details,when sending inquiry, please let us know:
    1. What is the requirement for the led screen size and brightness? Indoor or outdoor used?
    2.What is the application will be? Advertising? Retail commercial or stage rental?
    3. Your name, company name, Email or website?

    Smart dapper led digital cube.
    p2.5mm outdoor high definition real ip65.
    6000nits brightness 90 DEG.beveled design seamless video.
    Wireless remote cloud control,easy operation.
    Good choice for an eye catching digital cube sign,but it suites their short name only.

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