• stadium perimeter sport led display
  • Super slim 640mmx480mmx60mm seamless front service cabinet design in standard size 320mmx160mm module with pixel pitch P1.25,P1.53,P1.66,P1.86,P2,P2.5,P3.076,P4 optional with your needs.

    Fanless quiet and excellent heat dissipation die cast aluminum alloy led cabinet integrated all led screen components,avoiding headachy work of module assembly, minimize led bulbs damaged during installation.

    Modular magnetic fast front service by vacuum sucker maintain tool,maximized saving space and labors.
    Internal wiring generates cabinet with better outlooking and more stablility against external interference.
    Diverse applications like wall mounted directly,hanging,structure holding,movable tv,etc.
    We provide a reasonable price and reliable service in domestic and overseas markets by our own R&D technical and 13+ years various experience in manufacture and consulting LED display.

    Welcome to contact us for more details,when sending inquiry, please let us know:
    1. What is the requirement for the led screen size and brightness? Indoor or outdoor used?
    2.What is the application will be? Advertising? Retail commercial or stage rental?
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    Super Slim HD Narrow Pixel Fine Pitch LED Screen LEDTV LEDPOSTER in command security studio center

    Super Slim HD Narrow Pixel Pitch 16:9 LED Screen.

    As a new generation fine pitch led display,led cabinet overall thickness within 35mm,width 600mm x height 337.5mm.

    CNC high-precision die-casting aluminum panel, fanless quiet and excellent heat dissipation.

    Pixel available P0.9375 / P1.25 / P1.56 / P1.875.

    All in one led tv and floor stand plug playing led poster can be configured as well. Internal wiring cabinet generates better outlooking and more stablility against external interference.

    Universal in wall mounted,hanging installtion for vivid & seamless video wall by it's fast locks and locating pins.

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