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  • Tourists Experience Different Immersive Experience With Different Kinds Of LED Display Systems In Terminals.

    Today’s video technologies are making it easier than ever to reach more travelers on any given day with relevant information and advertising, giving your advertisers freedom and flexibility.

    For a traveler there is nothing more frustrating than not being able to easily get the information at the airport about their flights and countless other pieces of information to make their travel easier.

    Airports and other transportation terminal like highway or metro station,intercity bus station,have the challenge of needing to communicate to travelers in 24/7. 

    Long gone are the static pringting light advertising and TV monitors.

    With advances in technology and product of led display,these transportation facilities can create immersive, effective and efficient spaces with the use of led video Display technology.

    YONWAYTECH led display products and airport digital display systems solutions are designed with the end user in mind.

    With our easy-to-use interface, you can instantly update your display imagery, and keep your messages fresh in time.

    From seamless video walls to double-sided displays light weight enough to be suspended from the ceiling.

    Yonwaytech state-of-the art digital led display system can conform to the existing architecture type.



    With several great advantages, such as high brightness, easy maintenance, and flexible size design.

    The led symbols display board stands out from the crowd and becomes the most popular digital signage for delivering messages.

    For those passengers who only make short break or transfer,airport is a place where they get their first impression of a city or even a whole country.

    The LED dynamic display module is not only practical window for showing information But also has a decorative function. 

    LED poster also often seen in the airport and metro or highway station.

    With the Lowly and wheels on the bottom, An LED poster is easy to be placed in a different location for display.

    As the alternative to rollup, The time - changing picture and high brightness LED poster can you will surely expand advertising effectiveness.


    A flexible LED display is used more creative in design for the airport terminal.

    The great advantages of a flexible module.

    It is used for making a flexible LED display, This feature gives the designer a wider imagination to create a creative shape led symbols display board.

    Such as wave, ribbon, column, or a S shape,etc.

    The outstanding appearance will not surprise passengers an unforgettable experience during The stay at The airport.

    What more influence is The advertising eye balls catching could be achieved.

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