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20 sets High-end plug & playing digital led poster with well vivid video aging ready to delivery.

Configured with reliable nationstar copper led chips in movable wheel pedestal can be easily moved by one hand 

(Rear bracket lean standing optional).


Yonwaytech Plug&playing led poster p2.5 led display


P2.5mm in 80″ 640mm×1920mm reach resolution 256dots×768dots.

Integrated-in ASYNC. and SYNC. dual mode media system no PC required support PC / IOS / Android devices more cost-saving.



Content stored in the poster and updated by wifi,4G cluster control or U-disk,HDMI or CAT net cable directly, reliable and operation easier.


6-7 posters can be casaded playing to be a seamless indoor led display (Resolution is 1536dots x 768dots) by it’s multi-screen

splicing mode from the single poster mode (splicing 2 or 3 posters together optional creatively for different occassion needs).


Easy future upgrade to better resolution 1.8mm / 2.0mm or 3.0mm to prolong your investment in the same poster.

High-density digital LED media player suitable for hanging, wall-mounted, base-standing, bracket standing, and creative splicing

installation, as well as horizontal placement installation.



Give us a piece of trust please,back to you with fullfilled 100% satisfies.


We provide reasonable price and reliable service in domestic and overseas markets by our own R&D technical and 14+ years

various experience in manufacture and consult LED display.

Welcome to contact us for catalogue, price list, sample testing and more details. When sending inquiry, please let us know:

1. What is the requirement for the led screen size and brightness?

2.What is the application will be? Advertising? Retail commercial or stage rental?

3. Your name, company name, Email or website?

Shenzhen Yonwaytech Co., Ltd

Email: info@yonwaytech.com

Tel. (WhatsApp / WeChat): +86 13823587729

Website: www.yonwaytech.com



Post time: Jun-30-2021