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20 sqm of3.91 high end configuration led display ready to delivery to our EU client.

Nationstar copper 1921 outdoor led chips.

Flexible and seamless combination for stage or fixed installation.

Light weight panels easily for fixed or stage use.


Outdoor p3.91 p4.81 rental led display for church concert event led screens


Outdoor p3.91 p4.81 rental led display for church concert event led screen




3840hz refresh rate brings vivid video feast.

CE certified power supply.


Outdoor p3.91 p4.81 rental led displays for church concert event led screen


Rear exteral test button also configured with signal lights.

High brightness up to 4500nits~5000nits per sqm.

Horz. ≥160 degree and vert. ≥140 degree viewing angle makes your led display much more attractive during event.

Seetronic power&signal plug socket.

1.6mm 4 layers copper PCB in customized upgraded die-casting aluminum panels ensure excellent heat dissipation.

Give us a trust,back to you with fullfilled satisfies.




YONWAYTECH LED DISPLAY provide reasonable price and reliable service in domestic and overseas markets by our own R&D technical and 14+ years various experience in manufacture and consult LED display.

Welcome to contact us for catalogue, price list, sample testing and more details. When sending inquiry, please let us know:

1. What is the requirement for the led screen size and brightness? Indoor or outdoor used?

2.What is the application will be? Advertising? Retail commercial or stage rental?

3. Your name, company name, Email or website?


Shenzhen Yonwaytech Co., Ltd

Email: info@yonwaytech.com

Tel. (WhatsApp / WeChat): +86 13823587729

Website: www.yonwaytech.com

Post time: Apr-30-2021