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Outdoor stage rental p3.91 well packaged in tailored color cases ready to delivery to our USA client.


Die-casting aluminum outdoor 500mm × 500mm LED panels more easier in installation,dismantlement and transportation from the

light weight and efficiency operation.

3840hz refresh rate video from high standard copper NATIONTAR led chip more stable in your live event or fixed digital billboard.

Scientific and high quality material matching,plused excellent production quality control ensure your event more easier and better

ROI in your business.

Yonwaytech check all details and quality control during the whole process of production,just to ensure a high end product to your




Contact us for more customized led display solutions.

Yonwaytech Stage Rental P3.91 Led Display 3840Hz

Product details: 

  • Pixel Pitch: 3.9mm  
  • Module Size: 250mmx250mm.
  • Cabinet size: 500mm(w)x500mm(h).
  • Cabinet material: Die-casting aluminum.
  • LEDs: Nationstar SMD1921.
  • Power supply:Meanwell.
  • Control system: Novastar all in one controller VX6s.
  • Proof level: Front IP65 / Rear IP43.
  • LED display frame structure:50 sets.
  • LED display handing beam:500mm 16 pcs.
  • LED display rear hold blocks:10 sets.
  • LED display aircraft belt : 30pcs.
  • Package: Tailored green flight case.

Spare Parts:

  • Spare IC: 200pcs.
  • Spare LED lamp: 1000pcs.
  • Spare Receiving card: 5pc.
  • Spare modules: 24pcs.
  • Spare mask: 20pcs.
  • Spare signal plug: 10pcs.
  • Spare power plug:10pcs
  • Spare lock: 2pcs.


Yonwaytech Stage Rental P3.91 Led Display High End Accessories


Yonwaytech Stage Rental P3.91 Led Display Customized Package


Yonwaytech Stage Rental P3.91 Led Display RGB



Post time: Mar-04-2021