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Chapter three: Qualified LED Power Supply / LED Screen Drivers playing an important role in led display like an energetic heart for human.

LED displays have gradually become the mainstream products in the market of outdoor digital of home, and they can be seen everywhere in outdoor building facades, concert stage, and station terminals,etc.


But we often heard people in the industry complain that every time the LED lamp is broken, cases like few LED modules is black because of power supply broken, fan stop working etc. It is necessary to analyze in depth to understand the cause of the LED power supply damage.

In particular, the outdoor advertising screen faces a harsher environment and requires more maintenance so that it can better serve us.

An energy saving effect of LED display and service life are obvious promotion effect, so how to correctly identify and choose a qualified LED display power supply for your led screen?

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Firstly, look at the appearance process to select the LED display power Supply.

A good power Supply supplier, it is also very strict to the working process, because this can guarantee the batch consistency of the product.

But an irresponsible manufacturer, the production of the power Supply of its appearance, tin, the arrangement of the elements is absolutely not good.

Second, choose LED display power supply from full load efficiency.

The efficiency of the power supply is the most important index, the efficiency is high power conversion rate is high, so that it is attached to the requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection, and can actually save the electricity for users.

Thirdly, the output voltage ripple of constant voltage power supply is large.

The size of the ripple effect has a very large effect on the life of the electrical equipment.

The smaller the ripple, the better.

Fourth, observe the increase of the temperature of the power supply to select the power of LED display.

The increase of temperature affects the stability and life of the power supply.

The lower the temperature, the better.

In addition, it can be seen from the efficiency that the general efficiency of high temperature will be small.

Fifth, because of the properties of LED display products, the current of instantaneous change will usually be generated when playing video or screen, which puts forward more stringent requirements on LED power supply.

Usually, in order to ensure the normal broadcast of the display screen, you need to reserve a certain amount of allowance for the power supply.

Sixth,The more general sense, surplus reserve, product performance more stable power supply, the longer the life span, however, thereby increasing the cost of power supply products, too much surplus reserve also easy to cause waste.

Currently, the power Supply supply of LED display screens in the industry is usually reserved by 20% – 30%.

In order to increase the life span of the power supply, it is recommended to choose a machine with a power rating of 30%.

For example, if the system needs a 100W power supply, it is recommended to select a model with a power Supply rating of more than 130W, which can effectively improve the life of the power supply.

Seventh, select the power supply according to the application field.

Protection function: over voltage protection, temperature protection, over-load protection, etc.

The load overload may cause overload protection. It is recommended to increase the output power of the power supply or modify the load design. 

In the second case, the temperature is too high and temperature protection occurs,both will put the power into a protected state.

Application function: signal function, remote control function, telemetry function, parallel function, etc.

Special function: work correction (PFC), continuous electricity (UPS).

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At present, the power sources yonwaytech led display factory use are: Meanwell, G-Energy, Rong Electric,Yuanchi,Chuanlian,Great Wall,etc.

Meanwell is the most popular one,and the Great Wall can be applied to some countries with extreme cold climate,such as Russia, Denmark, Finland and Sweden in Northern Europe.

Post time: Jan-11-2021