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More than 300pcs 500mm x 500mm p1.953 indoor small pitch led screne under aging.


Nationstar gold wire led chips configured CE certified power supply plus 3840hz refresh rate brings vivid video feast.


p1.953mm p2.5 500mm 750mm 1000mm indoor fixed led display hd led screen yonwaytech shenzhen best led display factory


500mm x 500mm x 60mm wall mounted directly light weight led panel.

Modular magnetic fast front service by vacuum sucker maintain tool, maximum saving installation space and labor cost.

Internal wiring generates cabinet with better outlooking and more stable against external interference.

Fully front maintenance, all components like LED modules,LED power supply,LED receiving card could be 

maintained from front side, power and signal cables can be taken out from front side as well.


p1.95mm p2.5 500mm 750mm 1000mm indoor fixed led display hd led screen yonwaytech shenzhen best led display factory


Wall mounted by expansion bolts, no space need behind the LED wall,super slim thin led display wallpaper.

Pixel available 1.953mm / 2.5mm / 2.604mm / 3.91mm for indoor fixed led display use configured with

500mm / 750mm / 1000mm(Length)


250mm / 500mm(Width) 


45mm / 60mm(Thickness) in creative combination installation.



Give us a trust,back you with fullfilled satisfies.


We Provide Reasonable Price And Reliable Service For Domestic And Overseas Markets By Our Own R&D Technical 

And 14+ Years Experience In Manufacture And Consult LED display Including But No Limited As:

Indoor Commercial Display,

Outdoor Curtain Media Facade,

Outdoor Front Access LED Billboard,

Stadium LED Screen,

Rental & Staging LED Videowall,

COB Smartshelf LED Banner,

Indoor Fixed LED Screen,

Outdoor Fixed Installation,

Creative Design & Shaped Customized LED Display.


Welcome to contact us for catalogue, price list, sample testing and more details. When sending inquiry, please let us know:

1. What is the requirement for the led screen size and brightness? Indoor or outdoor used?

2.What is the application will be? Advertising? Retail commercial or stage rental?

3. Your name, company name, Email or website?

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Post time: Aug-10-2021