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YONWAYTECH as a professional led display manufacturer more than 13+ years, we always provide a reliable service and consulting for your led business.

1. About LED display

According to market application, LED display can be divided into different types:

Type Application
Advertising LED display Shop window, shopping mall inside, building exterior, street furniture,

bus shelter, LED billboard, media façade,building.

Rental LED display Live show, exhibition, concert, church,high-end meeting, other events
Sports LED display Stadium LED perimeter, indoor central hanged LED cube, audience seat

LED ribbon, building wall big advertising LED display

Fine pitch LED display TV studio, government control center, airport, cinema, meeting room,broadcast studio.
Creative LED display LED letters, LED tree, LED ring, LED column, curved LED display, etc



2.1    Resolution.

Every video source has a defined resolution such as 640×360, 852×480,1024×576, 1920×1080(HD), 2560×1440(2K), 3840×2160(4K).

LED display plays the video source dot by dot, when planning a LED display, we always follow 16:9 or 4:3, or between width/height ratio.

2.2    Pixel Pitch.

It is the gap between 2 LED diodes. At a given LED display size, smaller pixel pitch means higher definition also higher price.

YONWAYTECH Full Line Pixel Pitch Table (mm)































2.3    LED Module.

LED module is made up of LED diodes, PCB, Driver IC, capacitors, resistors, connectors, front mask, back frame. It is the basic unit of LED display.


2.4    LED Cabinet.

Like Lego, a LED display is spliced by small units – LED cabinet. A LED cabinet

is made up of LED modules, metal frame, power supply, receiving card, cables, other fixing parts. 

When selecting, YONWAYTECH can calculate LED cabinet quantity according to LED display size,and systematic CAD drawing can be provided for detailed project if necessary.

quality control (8)


2.5       Viewing Distance.

People can watch LED display fully and clearly.

The distance between is Viewing Distance (VD). Referred to table on the left,

Best VD = pixel pitch x3 (in meter)  smallest VD = pixel pitch (in meter), Biggest VD = pixel pitch x10 (in meter)

2.6       IP rate proof.

For indoor use, every product can satisfy. For outdoor use, the LED display should be IP65 or higher, means fully dust-proof, water-proof.

2.7       Brightness.

For indoor use, the brightness required is 500-1500nit. For outdoor use, required is  3500-8000nit. When the installation faces to the Sun, the brightness required is >5000nit.

2.8       Control Mode.

Synchronous control — PC connect to LED display and play real-time content from PC/External devices  Asynchronous control — Preset and upload videos to LED display via smart phone/PC, then LED  display auto loop playback

2.9       Service Mode

Front service – When LED display is directly fixed onto the wall, or there is no enough space >90cm channel behind the LED display, we choose front service,more convenient in installation.

Rear service – When there is >90cm channel behind the LED display, or to avoid any disturbance during installation or maintenance, we choose rear service.

2.10    Installation and structure

Please contact YONWAYTECH sales team or your consulting manage for more details.

For structure preparation please contact our online account manager for a professional solution.

We will do our best to provide a professional systematic consulting for your project.



You are a commercial center owner and plan to fix a new LED display behind the shop window to attract people from  day to night.

The front window size is 5x3m (wide x height).You plan to play 720P (1280×720) video on it. 

Your shop is on downtown commercial street. The walkway is 4m wide from the shop.


  1. The smallest viewing distance is 4m from the shop. We choose outdoor P3~P4 products.Average human height is 1.7m. The window height is 3m.Standing at 4m away can watch the full LED display.
  1. The environment is indoor, so IP rate is not a question.The LED display will play to outdoor, so brightness should be over 3500nits, we choose outdoor type.
  1. Control mode we choose asynchronous control, to have the LED display auto loop playback.
  2. Service mode depends on your installing position, normally it is rear service by opening back door to do maintenance.
  3. The LED display is put on a stand structure for easy watch, which takes about 0.5m space vertically.

Following 16:9 ratio rule, the planned LED display size 4.4×2.5m.

Pixel pitch (mm) = Planned display size (mm) ÷ Video Resolution

So, Width=4400/1280=3.44, Height=2500/720=3.47

Refer to pixel pitch table above, we choose nearest P3.3,we confirm the LED display size



NOW, contact our online service or drop your mail to info@yonwaytech.com ,you will get a professional and reasonable quotation feedback soon.




Post time: Dec-16-2020