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Currently, the LED display is renewing its efforts in the digital signage field.

With the increasing market demand of digital led screen, the requirements for special LED displays are gradually increasing, and the birth of creative LED displays can meet this requirement, and the creative led screen with its novel shape and strong visual impact will bring A different view of the new world.

Appearance characteristics: strange, graceful and colorful, customized shape service.

Application areas: advertising, real estate, education, sports, exhibitions, squares, exhibition halls, performing arts and other industries.

Development ability: highlight individual culture, enhance group pride; achieve city landmarks, enhance city image; highlight commercial value

As a relatively novel form of led display, the creative screen has its unique display charm.

Compared with the traditional LED display screen, it is boring and single.

The creative led screen gives the display more flexibility and variety.

Creative Flexible Soft Ribbon LED Module Display (1)

The creative screen is not only a display carrier, It is a weapon that attracts eyeballs in your commercial advertising.

At present, the LED creative screen market is gradually expanding, and many businesses and enterprises have chosen creative screens as their product display screens.

Nowadays, creative screens are customized products because they need to be determined according to special scenes, designs, and uses.

Designing and installing in accordance with local conditions is difficult for LED companies to construct, and the technical requirements are high and accurate.

It is really “a small difference can be a thousand miles away.”

For this weapon that brings a different view of the world, what are the developments and trends in the industry?


LED special-shaped screens have many advantages.

As a relatively novel form of display, LED creative screens have their own unique appeal.

As LED creative screens continue to expand to various markets, more and more customers will realize Its superiority has been widely recognized by various markets, thus moving towards the mass market.

In addition, when manufacturing LED creative screens, LED display original factory YONWAYTECH continue to improve their technology and R&D capabilities, and continue to improve their creative space, gradually forming their own unique styles and characteristics, and winning this market with unique creativity.

The appearance of flexible LED modules makes creative screens have better styling power

For a long period of time before, LED creative screens have been realized by traditional rectangular flat module assembly or wrapping.

The most common LED creative screens are large arc screens and flat circular screens.

When the arc of the display screen is very small and the display form is more complicated, the seams and flatness can not to be solved well, resulting in inconsistent display, mosaic and other problems, making the overall effect of the display poor.

In response to this problem, some manufacturers have developed creative modules such as triangles and trapezoids, which can be combined into a variety of regular or irregular geometric LED displays such as spherical, diamond, gemstone, and star shapes.

 Creative Flexible Soft Ribbon LED Module Display (6)

LED display innovation is imperative, creative screens make the future brighter.

Under the environment of rapid development of LED display screens, the market share of LED creative screens is also rapidly increasing.

It has displayed its own charm on various occasions, and it has amazed the world with its own beauty and brought the audience a beautiful enjoyment.

Innovation is an inexhaustible driving force for the development of an enterprise, and it is also a necessary magic weapon for an industry to maintain progress.

The new century is constantly calling for innovation, and the pursuit of innovation by mankind will never end.

As an innovative product in the field of LED displays, YONWAYTECH LED creative screens bring creativity to the extreme, and let creativity not only stay in books, but also in concepts, but also through the precipitation and development of technology to make it a reality The things that are present are integrated into people’s lives. With the renewal of people’s ideas, the market for LED creative screens will be broader and its market share will certainly continue to rise.


As a relatively novel display form, the creative screen has its unique display charm.

The appearance is more novel and unique. It is different from the rectangular and flat plate-shaped appearance of the conventional LED display, so that the characteristics of the new product can better adapt to the building’s The overall structure and environment are more and more fully demonstrated.

Coupled with the diversification of products to meet the individual needs of customers, more and more users have recognized the special-shaped screen.

LED creative screen leads the industry development trend.

For the LED display industry in the ocean of fierce competition, creativity also caters to the needs of this era. Conventional LED products in the current era account for the majority.

Under the long-term aesthetic fatigue, what people need is a visual enjoyment and impact, and the LED creative display caters to the cultural needs of the society to constantly seek new and different, and demonstrate individuality.

A blue ocean with great vitality in the LED display market.

There are different characteristics in the changing era, and the customized LED special-shaped screen is the product of the development of the times.

The special-shaped screen is well-known for its beautiful expression effect and unique shape.

Its vivid display, innovative design concept, and high-tech experience subvert the traditional display experience and bring a different visual experience.

With the continuous improvement of user experience requirements in the future, YONWAYTECH flexible soft led screen as a strange shaped screen, it will be able to present more different views of the world.

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