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Technical Seminar About The Relevance Of Pixel Pitch, Viewing Distance And LED Displays Size.


LED video wall installations continue to transform spaces around the world. 

Churches, schools, offices, airports and retailers are creating vibrant, dynamic, memorable experiences in a variety of indoor and outdoor locations.

If you’re considering a LED display, one of your most important choices is the pixel pitch selection, but you may be wondering, what is pixel pitch? How does a pixel pitch affect cost? What are important considerations when choosing a pixel pitch?

Here for now, Let Yonwaytech take a look at how you can make the right pixel pitch choice for your LED video wall project.


Firstly,What is pixel pitchs?

An LED wall is put together out of LED panels, which in their turn consist of multiple LED modules. These LED modules contain LED clusters or LED packages, i.e. red, blue and green light emitting diodes (LEDs) grouped in pixels.

The pixel pitch is the center-to-center distance between two pixels, usually measured in millimeters.

If you have a 10mm pixel pitch, it means that the distance from the center of one pixel to the center of the adjacent pixel is 10 millimeters.


what is led display pixel pitch


Secondly, What is effect of pixel pitchs on LED display image quality?


led display pixel pitch resolution yonwaytech


Pixel pitch determine the LED display resolution, minimum viewing distance and best viewing distance of LED screen.

The smaller the pixel pitch, the more pixel and results in more details and higher image quality.

So if you need to show high resolution images or video on your display, you need LED display with small pixel pitch.

The following figure shows the pixel pitch effect on image quality, the smaller pixel density leads to higher resolutions and more detailed content.


  what pixel pitch do you need for your led display


Thirdly, Viewing distance should be considered when you build a good led display.


Pixel pitch directly determines pixel density—the number of pixels in a given screen area—and pixel density directly determines recommended viewing distance–the distance away from the video wall a viewer should be to have a satisfactory viewing experience.

The finer, or smaller, the pitch, the closer the acceptable viewing distance.

The larger the pitch, the further away a viewer should be.

Pitch also directly influences the cost, but big pixel in a small size led screen and long viewing distance or big size led display but short viewing distance both can’t bring out an attractive video performance.


 viewing distance and pixel pitch


To choose the optimum pixel pitch two factors should be considered, the viewing distance and the required image resolution.

Smaller pixel pitches are better all the time and deliver you better image quality but, it costs more.

You may decrease the expenses of LED display buy using larger pixel pitch and still have almost same image quality if the viewing distance is longer than best viewing distance.

The best viewing distance of a pixel pitch is the distance that your eyes won’t be able to the gaps between pixel anymore if you go further away.


pixel pitch for your led display yonwaytech led factory


Calculation methods of the suitable LED display selection.


As explained above, pixel pitch is a huge consideration for this process. It goes hand in hand with other factors such as display size, viewing distance, ambient light conditions, weather and moisture protection, competing media, messaging functionality, image quality and much, much more. 

Properly deployed LED displays have the capacity to increase traffic, improve audience engagement, and enhance customer experience. But understanding how the technology will impact both the viewer and your bottom line prior to investment can empower you to make the best decision for your specific needs and budget. 




A rough estimation standard for you information as below:

Minimum viewing distance: 

LED display screen visible distance(M) = pixel Pitch ( mm ) x1000/1000
The best viewing distance: 

LED display the best viewing distance(M)= Pixel Pitch ( mm ) x 3000~ pixel Pitch ( mm ) /1000
The most distant viewing distance : 

The farthest distance (M)= LED display screen height ( m ) x 30 times

So for instance, P10 led display in 10m width by 5m height, the best viewing distance is further than 10m,but the maximum viewing distance is 150meters.

If you’re unsure about the right pixel pitch to use for your LED project, CONTACT Yonwaytech LED Display now and we’ll point you in the right direction. Check back often for more helpful topics.


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