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Chapter Two: LED Driver,the second most important part for led display.

  If LED lamps considered as the human body,then LED display driver IC is a key component just like the central nervous system of the human brain, and it is in charge of the body’s physical actions and the mental thinking of the brain.

  The performance of the driver IC determines the effect of the led display screen, especially the use of modern large-scale activities and high-end venues, making people more stringent requirements for LED display driver IC.

 LED display driver IC high refresh rate contrast

Drive IC evolution:
  In the 90s of the last century, LED display applications were dominated by single and double colors, using a constant voltage driver IC. In 1997, China’s first LED display dedicated drive control chip 9701 emerged. It spanned 16 shades of gray to 8192 shades of gray to achieve WYSIWYG.

  Subsequently, for the LED light-emitting characteristics, constant-current drive to become the preferred choice for full-color LED display driver, while the more integrated 16-channel drive replaces the 8-channel drive. In the late 1990s, Japan’s Toshiba, Allegro, and Ti of the United States successively introduced 16-channel constant current LED driver chips.

p0.9 p1.25 p1.56 LED display driver IC

  At the beginning of the 21st century, the driver chips of Chinese Taiwanese companies were also mass-produced and used. Today, in order to solve the problem of PCB layout of small-pitch LED display screens, some driver IC manufacturers have also introduced highly integrated 48-channel LED constant current driver chips.

  Driver IC performance indicators:
Among the performance indicators of LED display screens, refresh rate and gray level and image expression are one of the most important indicators.

  This requires high consistency of the current between the LED display driver IC channels, high-speed communication interface rate, and constant current response speed.

  In the past, the three aspects of refresh rate, grayscale, and utilization rate were a kind of shifting relationship.

  To ensure that one or both of the indicators can be more excellent, we must appropriately sacrifice the remaining two indicators.

  For this reason, many LED displays are difficult to achieve the best of both worlds in practical applications, or they are insufficiently refreshed.

  High-speed camera equipment is prone to black lines when they are photographed, or the gray scale is not enough, and the color brightness is inconsistent.

  With the advancement of driver IC manufacturers’ technology, there have been breakthroughs in the three high issues and these problems have been solved.
 In the application of small-pitch LED display, in order to ensure the user’s comfortable eyes for a long time, low-light and high-gray becomes a particularly important standard for testing the performance of the driver IC.

 p0.9 p1.25 p1.56 LED screen driver IC


Driver IC is to integrate the huge circuit into a small chip to work, so that the circuit power of the LED video display has been better improved, a good IC to HD LED display video quality, Colors have a great visual impact. To realize high refresh frequency, current popular IC series used are: MBI5153, ICN2163,SUM6086,etc.


  By far ICN2153 grow fast in the market, it’s also highly stable but at lower cost compared to MBI5153.

MBI5153 is from Macroblock, it’s a driver chip for LED full-color display. S-PWM is used to reduce the flicker of the picture. 

  The input image data is used to adjust the brightness of the LED video screen. The working temperature is -40 to +85 degrees Celsius.

  ICN2153 is from Chip One. It applied to small-pitch LED video display with excellent anti-interference. 

  The low-gray uniform effect is not affected by the PCB. 

  It can adjust the output current and accurately control the brightness of the HD LED display. 

  The display is effectively solved. Low-gray blocks, as well as color cast, pitting, etc.can be used with any line to eliminate text ghosts.

  YONWAYTECH led display as a professional manufacturer,we always cherish each trusty order from our client,1920hz-3840hz refresh rate and 14bit-16bit led screen for indoor or outdoor use can be optional.

p1.86 p1.875 p1.2 LED screen driver IC 


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