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The Relevance Between LED Display Heat Dissipation And Gold Or Copper LED Chip Wires


Have you heard of the old adage “you only get what you pay for”.

What about “you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear”?

This is not a blog about ye ole English or local phrases, but the one thing you can generally ‘take to the bank’ (sorry) is you usually only get what you pay for – and LED displays are no different.


gold wire led screen


A SMD (Surface Mounted Design) contains 3 RGB LED (Red, Blue, Green) within the single white square LED that you see.

(Did you know that when you put all three RGB on at the same time, you can see the red, blue and green when close up, but as soon as you step back those same LED become a single white colour?)

To give you an overview of the entire LED, have a look at the heatsink slug (base) with the “flip chip” inside the epoxy lens, and connected by gold (or copper) wire below.


 copper wire gold wire led display


DIP LED Display are the individual LED that you see clustered together separately on the outside  as separate colours – so you will see one (or two) red, one blue, and one green, clustered together and all 3 operate together within (say) that 10mm space, to produce the colour element required for that part of the picture.


 Gold wire led display factory


Gold Wire LED Screen VS Copper Wire LED Screen:


  • Physical Property

The most important and highly benefitting feature of a gold wire LED screen is that its physical property is highly stable.

As a result, the gold wire display can easily give you a quality performance, even in harsh environments.

Where on the other hand, a copper wire bonding in an LED screen display can be more easier oxidized outdoors than the gold wires especially in outdoor environment of high brightness, difference in temperature between day and night and heat emission.

This makes them less durable and stable for outdoor usage, in comparison to the gold wire screens.


  • LED Chip Sizes

The gold wire encapsulated lamps in an SMD or DIP LED display have a larger LED chip size in comparison to that of a copper wire encapsulated lamp.

Now this larger chip allows the LED lamp to portray high brightness while consuming less power.

Other than that, this large gold LED chip also provides the display with a better eating dissipation.

As a result, the better the heating dissipation of an LED lamp assures that the LED display works as a more durable and long-term serving electrical appliance.


  • Lamp Brackets

The different usage of lamp brackets in both the gold wire LED screen and the copper wire LED screen are also different.

Since a gold wire encapsulated LED display uses a copper lamp bracket in the screen display, it helps to provide the display with a better heating dissipation.

However, copper wires are encapsulated with iron brackets, which make it less effective in terms of heating dissipation.

Additionally, copper brackets also serve in durability, as they won’t face rusting issues easily.


  • LED Display Price

Lastly, and most importantly, a gold wire LED screen is more expensive in terms of a copper wire LED, and iron wire led displays the cheapest one but you know the quality.

The amount of money you can invest in an LED screen is the major aspect that determines what qualities and how efficient of an LED performance you will avail,so if you’re planning to get something amazing, you need to put in an amazing amount too.


YONWAYTECH as a professional LED display manufacturer,we recommend our client to use copper wire led screen for indoor or outdoor rental display,we could use copper leadframe led for the led display. Comparing with the regular steel leadframe led, copper could achieve a better performance as in the heat dissipation.

Gold wire led chips configured with copper leadframe LED display recommended for outdoor advertising use especially a high brightness ≥10000nits/sqm.



In conclusion from all aboved, gold gives greater reliability (and longer lasting performance) because it does not oxidize as easily as copper, and conducts better.

The only reason copper is used is due to the price being substantially cheaper than gold wire,but performance not bad for indoor use.

But unfortunately, someone still stick to the lower price led display, maybe you will facing the iron wire led display.

If you want to buy a cheaper and cheaper LED display, then you will find iron wire will be within your price range, but also do not be surprised you start having performance issues within a short time as you’d be surprised to know “you only get what you pay for”.

If you’d like to learn more about your led display business, please do not hesitate to contact us.





Post time: Apr-08-2021