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What Do Energy Saving LED Display Can Do For Your Digital Adveriting Business?


Energy saving led display,also called Common Anode Led screen.

The LED chipset has two terminals, an anode and a cathode, and each full color LEDs consists of three LED chipset. (red, green and blue).

In traditional Common Anode designs, the terminals of all 3 (red, green & blue) LEDs are wired together and an external ballast resistor is added in series with the red LED to maintain a constant voltage and equalize the voltage drop across all three LEDs.


Yonwaytech common anode led display


This subsequently reduces available space for the LEDs making fine pixel pitch harder to achieve, while it is also an additional heat source and accelerates the aging process and reduces the lifetime.



LED energy-saving display adopts a low-power full-color LED display system design.

It is a system integration engineering application that integrates various modern engineering technologies such as computer technology, electronic technology, optical technology, electrical technology and structural technology.

In Common Cathode technology, separate, dedicated power supply voltages are supplied to the red, green and blue LEDs enabling the power supplied to the red LED to be controlled separately and eliminating the requirement for a ballast resistor.


Large, long playback time, and its power consumption is a key indicator of LED display customer concernA truly energy-efficient display does not only rely on a certain hardware or software technology improvement of the display, but also the result of technological innovation in the overall solution.


Yonwaytech common cathode led display


Energy-saving LED advertising screens, outdoor P4MM, P5.926MM, P6.67MM, P8MM, P10MM, after years of research and development and mature experimental comparison, energy savings of more than 40% compared with traditional LED screens.


Yonwaytech energy saving led display


Reducing display screen energy consumption is an important development direction of LED display screen technology.

LED energy-saving screens adopt the latest design concepts, taking into account factors such as cost, and have designed low-power consumption of LED display screens from the following aspects:


A:The red, green and blue lights are powered by 3.8V and the switching power supply efficiency is above 85%.


B:Using high-end energy-saving IC, extremely low channel turning voltage, VDS = 0.2V, significantly reducing the voltage value of the LED driving circuit.


C: The use of large chip lamp beads 1 times brighter than ordinary LED lamp beads, so that under the same brightness requirements, the LED requires less driving current, that is, the power consumption is reduced.


D: The intelligent control system independently developed can automatically adjust the brightness of the large LED screen according to the external environment brightness, so as to neither waste power nor cause light pollution.


E:Energy-saving LED Displays, based on conventional LED Screens, have systematically upgraded the display effect and energy consumption performance, so that the LED display use effect and comprehensive energy consumption have reached industry-leading levels.


Yonwaytech outdoor advertising led display


Advertising owners prefer LED displays with good energy efficiency.

With the common cathode LED display technology,the led screen surface temperature reduced 12.4 degree.

In this case it can help a lot for a color uniformity and a long LED display life time.

The most direct beneficiaries of LED energy-saving displays should be advertising owners of outdoor advertising,not only a longer use life time,but also power energy saving when in long time led video wall shining.


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Post time: Mar-11-2021