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How to Prevent the “Caterpillars” Failure — Abnormal-Luminous LED Column Pixels in LED Screens?


Have you ever suffered the following problem when you power on a LED wall that you don’t use for a long time?


Yonwaytech Nano-coating P2.5 led module display


This is a string of adjacent lamps that luminize abnormally without control and remain unchanged against the dynamic broadcasting content.

It’s like a caterpillar lying on the screen, and therefore it is described as the “caterpillar” phenomenon of LED screens some times. 


So why will these abnormal-luminous LED column pixels happen?


Generally speaking, undesirable operation environment like moisture or salt fog will humidify the LED displays.

If the lamps or IC components get damp and short-circuited, the lamp column shall stay bright and noticeable all the time.

Water in it’s various forms can have a variety of adverse effects on the performance and reliability of LED screen especially indoor one who has less protection than outdoor led display.

It is reported that 20% of electronic devices are suffering from moisture-induced Corrosion in the world.

So how to protect your LED video wall from humidity?


Yonwaytech Nano-coating led module display


To prevent this problem, dehumidification is the key.

Hence, Yonwaytech led display has developed Nano Coating Protection Craftsmanship and Intelligent Current Gain Dehumidification Technology to get rid of these LED “caterpillars”! 


Yonwaytech led display the Nano Coating Protection Craftsmanship is applied under dust free plasma environment, where the modules can be coated with advanced nano polymer materials gather to form a dense and protective coating on the surface of the LED panel to protect the lamps and components on PCBA board all around.


The nano coating features 20 nanometers only but bring IPX5 high protection for the screen surface, and acts like a protection suit to prevent the display components from reacting with external moisture and corrosion like chemical reagents, salt spray, sulfide, etc.

This innovative solution of Yonwaytech led display can effectively solve the problems of abnormal-luminous LED column pixels caused by humidity.



Except for the precaution of Nano Coating Craftsmanship, Yonwaytech led display Intelligent Current Gain Dehumidification Technology can also prevents the occurrence of “caterpillars” during daily use of the LED screens.

Based on the measurement of a variety of complex environments and the unused duration of the LED wall, three dehumidification modes are set to dehumidify the video wall.

Just run the current-gain dehumidification program automatically or manually and easily complete the dehumidification maintenance of your video wall.


Unique nano-coating craftsmanship brings higher protection against external moisture and corrosion.

If you want to know more about how to prevent the failure of abnormal-luminous LED column pixels of your led screens, please feel free to contact Yonwaytech led display for more information.




Tips to Protect Your Indoor LED Display Panel from Moisture.


1. Maintain adequate ventilation in your room with relatively less humid air.

2. When the humidity is between 10% and 65% RH, keep your LED displays on for more than 2 hours per week.

3. When the relative humidity of the environment exceeds 65 percent RH, the LED screen should be physically dehumidified.

Turning on the air conditioner or placing a desiccant in the room, for example, can help remove moisture from the air.

4. Avoid splattering the LED screen with water while using it.

If it gets wet by accident, blow or wipe it dry immediately, then turn it on two hours later to ensure there is no problem.




Moisture-Proof Tips for Outdoor LED Signage.


1. Euipping outdoor LED display panels with temperature and humidity sensors to monitor the humidity around the LED screens in real time.

2. The waterproof treatment between the modules and the cabinets should be well done during the installation of the outdoor LED signage to ensure that no water enters the cabinets.

3. Check often after the LED digital signage has been installed and used to see if there is any water ingress, seepage, or condensation inside the cabinets.

4. Keep your LED displays on for more than 2 hours per day if the ambient humidity is 10% to 85% RH.


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