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Indoor Outdoor P2.8 P3.91 P7.8 P10.4 Window Transparent LED Screen

Short Description:

Yonwaytech—Your Trustworthy One-stop Transparent LED Display Manufacturer.

Our products feature high transparency, light weight, smart control, simple operation, high refresh rate, energy-saving and more.

Modular Design for easy & fast splicing.

Easy Installation: Hanging/ hoisting, Mounting, standing.

Fashion & Beautiful Frame design and color customization.

Transparent LED screen jumps into retail commercial area quickly as a new tech digital signage with it’s new advertising display technology, which combines high transparency and high brightness, massively used on the glass window of store such as jewellery shop, cosmetic shops, clothing shops, 4S stores,restaurant, hotel, fashion exhibition event show,etc.

Along with the commercial retail developing, there must be a bright future for transparent LED display.



  • Trade Terms: EXW,FOBShenzhen,CIF,DDU,DDP
  • Packaging: Plywood case / Flight case
  • Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
  • Delivery Time: 10-20 working days
  • Transportation: Sea shipping,Air freight or Express (DHL/FEDEX/EMS)
  • Place of Origin: Shenzhen,Guangdong,P R China
  • MOQ: 1 Square meter
  • Product Detail

    Transparent LED Screen,Frontal Viewing Transparent LED Display Creative Customized Flexible Cabinet Size Design in size 500mm x 500mm , 1000mm x 500mm , 1000mm x 1000mmm Available.

    Pixel pitch available in 2.8mm , 5.6mm , 3.91mm , 7.82mm , 10.42mm , 15.625mm , 25mm , 31.25mm for indoor or outdoor applications……

    Indoor Outdoor Window Curtain Transparent LED Screen (1)


    The minimum pixel pitch is 2.8mm which can reach 60% transparency.

    Permeability is 60% -90%, translucent, ventilation, does not affect the lighting and line of sight,It’s very suitable for installing glass walls.

    Indoor Outdoor Window Curtain Transparent LED Screen (2)

    Reliable Slim glass led display Cabinet

    Die-casting aluminum alloy cabinet integrated with all component for display, clean front and back.

    Excellent heat dissipation, easy operation in installation and assembly no need extra special tool.

    Fast Locks surrounding make sure a seamless video.

    Super Light Weight≤6.5kg per cabinet.

    Indoor Outdoor Window Curtain Transparent LED Screen (4)

    Indoor installation for outdoor viewing

    Easy to maintenance, safety, less approval processes than outdoor advertising,1500cd/㎡—5000cd/㎡ different budget optional.

    Indoor Outdoor Window Curtain Transparent LED Screen (3)

    No Need Heavy Steel Frame Structure,maximum cost saving in structure.

    YONWAYTECH Transparent LED Display can pasted on the glass curtain wall directly without changing any structure,it is more convenient and quick.

    Floor standing,wall mounted or hanging fixed solutions are flexible with your projects need.

    Indoor Outdoor Window Curtain Transparent LED Screen (6)

    Designed for Fixed installation or Stage Rental Video Wall.

    Fast setup and easy maintenance, with high transparency and brightness to get the excellent visual performance, Transparent LED Display is ideal to apply at building facades, shopping centers, brand chain stores, airports, financial institutions, stages and events etc.

    Indoor Outdoor Window Curtain Transparent LED Screen (5)

    Technical Parameter: Y-CT-500×1000-V01

    Model P2.8 P3.91 P3.91 P7.81 P5.4-10.4 P10.4
    Pixel pitch 2.8mm-5.6mm 3.91mm-7.81 3.91mm-7.82mm 7.81mm 5.4mm-10.4mm 10.4mm
    Lamp SMD1921 High Brightness
    SMD2121 Normal Brightness
    Outdoor SMD1921 Outdoor SMD2727
    Pixel density 63546 32768 16384 18432 9216
    Module size Size In 500mm×500mm / 500mm×1000mm / 1000mm×1000mm Can be Customized
    Cabinet material Acryic Cover / Aluminum Alloy / Steel
    weight ≤ 14KG/㎡ ≤ 15KG/㎡
    Transparency 45% 65% 70% 75% 80%
    Brightness ≥1200nit Normal Brightness
    ≥5000nit Normal Brightness
    ≥4500nit ≥4500nit ≥4500nit ≥4000nit
    Refresh rate ≥1920HZ
    Scan mode 1/11 1/16 1/8 1/4 1/2
    Max power consumption ≤600W/㎡ ≤400W/㎡ ≤600W/㎡ ≤600W/㎡ ≤550W/㎡ ≤750W/㎡
    Average power consumption ≤120W/㎡ ≤120W/㎡ ≤180W/㎡ ≤180W/㎡ ≤180W/㎡ ≤180W/㎡
    PCB (2.8mm FR-6 Six Layers) FR-4 four layers board,2.0mm thickness
    Driver IC ICN2038S / MBI5124, Hight Refresh Rate Optional
    Installation Hanging or Stacking
    Input Voltage 110–220 AC,50-60Hz
    Brightness level 256 Level
    Ingress Protection Indoor IP33 Outdoor IP65

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