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320mmx160mm Indoor Fixed P1.25 P1.538 P1.86 P2.0 P2.5 P3.076 LED module display

Short Description:

320mmx160mm Indoor Fixed P1.25 P1.538 P1.86 P2.0mm P2.5 P3.076 LED module display

P3.076 indoor fixed led module screen.

Indoor 320mmX160mm P3.076mm Standard Size LED Module panel

With the high reliability and contrast,wide viewing angle and good consistency which meet the need of high brightness,high refresh rate,high gray scale and keep natural color at one time with best color uniformity.


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  • Packaging: Plywood case / Flight case
  • Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
  • Delivery Time: 10-20 working days
  • Transportation: Sea shipping,Air freight or Express (DHL/FEDEX/EMS)
  • Place of Origin: Shenzhen,Guangdong,P R China
  • MOQ: 1 Square meter
  • Product Detail

    P3.076 indoor fixed led module screen. 

    Standard led module Size is 320mmx160mm With 104dot x 52dots.

    P3.076 320x160 led module shenzhen led display factory whole sale best price

    Indoor 320mmX160mm P3.076mm Standard Size LED Module panel With the high reliability and contrast,wide viewing angle and good consistency which meet the need of high brightness,high refresh rate,high gray scale and keep natural color at one time with best color uniformity.

    P3.076mm led module size 320mmx160mm configured with 1.6mm copper thickness PCB,ensure an excellent heat dissipation and best performance.

    P3.076 320x160 led module mask shenzhen led display factory whole sale best price

    P3.076 indoor led module from Yonwaytech led display,configured with well contrast mask in each module,bringing excellect contast and video performance.

    Nationstar or kinglight copper / gold wire led chips with 3840hz refresh rate.

    Universal fixed holes for 640mmX480mm or 640mmX640mm die-cast aluminum alloy cabinet.

    Modular magnet front service led cabinet easy operation and flexible in cabinet combination use.

    Light weight cabinet and fast locks easy in creative shape installation and assembly

    P3.076 320x160 led display shenzhen led display factory whole sale best price

    Fanless quiet and well heat dissipation aluminum light weight led cabinet with effective assembly makes more cost saving in installation.

    Integrated with all led screen components,avoiding headachy work of module assembly, minimize led bulbs damaged during installation.

    Internal wiring generates cabinet with better outlooking and more stablility against external interference.

    yonwaytech led display 320*160

    YONWAYTECH indoor fixed LED screen universal also can be combination installed for led video wall billboard for advertising or HD indoor led screen in control room.

    P3.076mm indoor HD led module display technical parameters:

    LED Chip Specification

    Yonwaytech led display indoor 2121 nationstar led chip module display p1.25 p1.538 p1.86

    LED Display Specification

    Item Technical Parameter
    Panel No. Y-If3.076-3216-1/26-V01
    LED Type Nationstar SMD 2121 (Kinglight Optional)
    Pixel Pitch 3.076mm
    Modular mask Pure black UV-anti mask with a high contrast screen
    Pixel Configuration SMD 3 In 1, 1R1G1B
    Module Size Horz.: 320mm× Vert.: 160mm× Thk.:18mm
    Module Resolution Horz.: 104dots×Vert.: 52dots
    Panel Size Horz.: 640mm× Vert.: 480mm× Thk.:60mm
    Panel Resolution Horz.: 208dots× Vert.: 156dots Customized Optional
    Density 105688dots/m2
    Brightness ≥1000nits/m2
    Scan Solution Constant 1/26
    Drive IC MBI5124 / ICN2038S & 2160Hz PWM, 3840Hz Optional.
    Contrast Ratio 3000:1
    Power Consumption ≤690W/ m2 (MAX), ≤280W/ m2 (AVG)
    Net Weight 360G/Module, 22KG/ m2 Cabinet.
    Gray Scale 16Bit
    Color 281 Trillion
    Refresh Rate(Hz) 1920Hz—3840Hz
    Viewing Angle Horz.: 140, Vert.:120
    Color Temperature 6500K
    Frame Frequency ≥60Hz
    Failure Rate ≤1/1,000,000
    MTBF ≥10,000 Hours
    Control Mode ASYNC Via WIFI/4G,SYNC VIA PC By USB/Net/HDMI Optional
    Best View Distance ≥3m
    Control Distance CAT 5:≤120m;Multi Mode Fiber≤500m;Sigle Mode Fiber≤20km;
    Working Temperature/Humidity (/RH) -20~60  / 20%~85%RH (NO CONDENSATION OF MOISTURE)
    Storage Temperature/Humidity (/RH) -20~60  / 20%~85%RH (NO CONDENSATION OF MOISTURE)
    Display Mode 1024×768,2K,HD,4K,8K
    Maintain Mode Front & Rear service optional
    Power Supply Requirement AC90~264V,Frequency 47~63(Hz)
    Applicable System Linsn,Novastar,Colorlight,Xixun LED Conrol Card Etc.

    1. Best Quality Material, LED Modules and Copper/Gold Wire led Chips

    The material, modules and chips are selected with great care.

    We purchase the material from reputed vendors. we use the Best Driving IC,such as MBI5124,ICN2153,SUM16136 with high refresh rate,high grey level with latest technology.

    high contrast led display

    2.LED Module Display Aging & Testing Before Assembly Or Delivery.

    LED Display Module aging and testing is refers to imitate the long time operation without working problems,it is the most important to ensure the reliability of the LED display before delivery or assembly.

    LED display can be more stable after aging, and it can help the use of the efficiency. led screen aging test is a very important link in quality control.

    YONWAYTECH cherish each trusty work from our client,our led module or led display with strictly aging test and OQC to next step work like led module panel delivery or led display cabinet shipping.


    The LED module from yonwaytech led display with aging test is based on the product’s failure rate curve, which is the characteristics of the bathtub curve, and the countermeasures are adopted to improve the reliability of the product.

    The indoor led module aging method includes constant current aging and constant pressure aging.

    A constant current source is that the current is constant at any time,after using the frequency adjustable, current adjustable constant current source for such aging, in order to judging the quality of the outdoor led module in a short time and can pick out the dangerous LEDs make sure the led display module working well after installation.


    The aging test of LED display is divided to white balance aging (2×24 hours) and video aging (24 hours).totally 72 hours before delivery.

    Aging test process of led display screen,YONWAYTECH OQC need to confirm quality details as belows:

    1; Check the led display module installed all correct.

    2; Check whether there is a short circuit or not.

    3; Check whether the module is flat and neat.

    4; Check whether the appearance is intact or not.

    5; Use the online led control system to light up.

    We ensure our led display module product 100% as best as possible after aging before delivery.

    P3.076 320x160 led module well packaging shenzhen led display factory whole sale best price

    Modular led display wholesale from yonwatech led display factory with well enough sponges and moisture-proof measures including not only inner and external plastic bags which can isolate moisture and dissipate static affects to the led module,but also strong carton box with ribbon tying up.

    All what our efforts just to ensure our led module display arriving in your hands safely.

    Contact us for a one-stop led module display consulting solution.

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